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French speakers are among the highest-spending online consumers. Would you like to meet them?

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French, Swiss, Belgians and Luxembourgers are some of the wealthiest Europeans. They are also among the most prolific internet users. Last year, in France alone, consumers spent over €25 billion online. Can you afford to ignore these countries, not to mention the five and a half million French speakers of Quebec?

French language SEO with Fastlane is the most direct route to several key European markets. Our team of native French speakers have run successful French Search Engine Optimization campaigns from start to finish, from keyword analysis to French link building. Most importantly, we have a proven track record of getting results.

Our French SEO service goes way beyond "the norm". Because of the Language Trainers Group´s huge international experience and our experienced multilingual team, we understand the nuances of each market and can provide a truly localized campaign, designed for your specific needs.

We offer a broad range of French SEO services, including French keyword research, French on-page SEO reports, French content creation, translation and localization and French link building.

We can also help arrange international hosting, phone numbers and a French answering service.

Some companies offer multilingual SEO as a secondary service. At Fastlane, we are multilingual SEO experts: it is what we do. Click here to make an inquiry.

Key Points:

  • Native French speakers
  • SEO menu service for in-house SEOs or all-inclusive packages
  • Proven techniques that get results

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