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If you want to boost your rankings in French language searches, you need to develop quality links from French language websites. Anyone who has spent five minutes reading an SEO blog could tell you that. But actually going out there and getting those links is another thing entirely. And making sure that you get the right links takes skill.

Our team of native French speakers build high-value links that get results in French language searches around the world.

Quality vs quantity

Quality comes first by a long distance. But quantity is important too.

If you know exactly what links you want, we will provide you with a free, transparent quote for French link building. If you need help designing a strategy, we offer an inclusive monthly package that covers keyword research and on-page work too. Click here to make an inquiry.

An integrated French link building strategy

French link building goes hand in hand with quality French content production. At Fastlane, we provide both.

French content production

Producing quality French content is the key to gaining quality French links. When you have excellent, user-oriented French content on your site, you encourage visitors to make that all-important next step, whether it is making a purchase, asking for more information or filling out a contact form.

When you produce and promote quality French content off-site, you develop the French links that lead directly to improved search results.

If you need quality French content that fits with your brand guidelines or any specific needs, we can provide it at a great price.

French content seeding and outreach

Through Digital Brand Outreach, our SEO team provides quality content (either branded or white-labelled) to webmasters and owners of high-value French language websites. In exchange for providing quality French content, we ask for links back to our clients.

You can find out more about our link link building strategies, or click here to make an inquiry.

If you are a webmaster or website owner who would like to receive fresh, original content for your site, to contact our content team.

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