Our approach to multilingual internet marketing

The future is most definitely multilingual

We are a company that is proudly international, modern and multicultural. As part of the Language Trainers Group, we are active in the USA, Canada, Germany, the UK, Ireland, Spain, Australia and Brazil. Our team of over 50 permanent staff (and many more freelancers) comes from all over the world so we really understand how important culture and language are in providing quality marketing services.

The internet makes it easier than ever before to enter new markets...

Multilingual Internet Marketing Services

But how can you be sure your message sounds right? And how can you get your brand out there without a physical presence?

As with all advertising and marketing, understanding your target market is at the heart of a successful multilingual internet marketing campaign. If you are not physically present in a location, it can be hard to truly understand what makes local consumers tick. That’s where Fastlane comes in. Our international team will give you genuine local insight into your target markets.

We provide a wide range of multilingual services including SEO, PPC, translation and localization, VoIP and search market research to get your business booming overseas. With Fastlane, you have access to an experienced, well-networked marketing team that can get results in a whole host of languages.

This means less hassle and more sales for you.

We believe in providing extraordinary value and excellent service for all of our clients. That’s why we don’t tie you down to sticky contracts.

Because of our extensive track record of multilingual work, providing services for companies including Google, Expedia and Banco Santander, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

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