PPC Keyword Analysis

Choosing the right keywords for a paid search (Pay Per Click / PPC) campaign is an essential first step towards seeing returns. And one size does not fit all.

At Fastlane, we provide keyword analysis based on your needs. If you are new to PPC advertising, we can help you develop a list of keywords that will form a strong basis for your campaign. Once the campaign is live, our team will help you understand which keywords are performing and dedicate your budget accordingly.

How we choose PPC Keywords

We use a number of tools, along with common sense, to help choose high value keywords for your paid search campaign. Some of the essential elements we look at are:

Target audience

Who are you selling to? Identifying this is an important first step in developing a strategy as it means you can target them at different stages in their own personal buying cycles.

Products / Services

If you sell products online, how do your customers search for them? Would you get better returns from branded keywords or generic terms? (It’s usually a combination of both)

Brand vs Generic

Depending on the products or services you offer, you may need to target branded keywords. We will help you get maximum value.

Competitor analysis

By analyzing rivals’ campaigns, we can spot gaps in market coverage. These translate into easy wins for you.

Short tail vs long tail

Short tail keywords are the big, high-volume searches that relate to your industry. For example “Hotels” or “New York Hotels”. Long tail keywords are more-specific searches such as “New York Hotels Brooklyn for Christmas”.
A good campaign will include a balance of short tail and long tail keywords. Both can bring you good value, but your emphasis should be defined by your budget.

Beyond products and services

Simply adding “buy” or “review” to a keyword can significantly alter conversion rates.

Multilingual keyword research

Our multilingual keyword research service allows you to target your paid search campaign to international markets. If you are considering launching in a market, this is an invaluable tool for allocating search marketing budgets.

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