SEO Link Building Strategies

Next generation link building

Link building is a key SEO technique. Very roughly speaking, search engine algorithms see a link from a respected, relevant website to your website as a “vote” in favour of your site. More links from highly-respected sites equals better rankings. 

But it’s not that simple.

Getting the right mix of links is essential. So is linking to and from the right pages. The text you use to frame your links is more important than ever. And the way that you go about getting those links determines whether you will succeed or fail.

Websites are routinely penalized by search engines for manipulative linking practices. Our techniques ensure that the risk is negligible.

Digital Brand Outreach

We create and promote content via our unique Digital Brand Outreach service. Our team of copywriters produce compelling content (in a whole range of languages) which is then provided to editors and owners of quality websites. The content links back to our clients. This approach adds value for all parties, especially website visitors.

As part of Digital Brand Outreach, we can also produce and publish thematic articles, press releases and blog posts.

Natural business linking

As part of our goal of developing strong relationships with webmasters, we may suggest natural partnerships that exist between clients and partner sites. This creates value for all parties.

Directory submission

Although the value of directories isn’t what it was, our clients see great results from supplementing “quality” links with submissions in carefully-selected directories.


Our creative team can also help you create the type of content (or widget) that everybody will want to see and link to from their sites (they will love it so much they will link for free). See what we did for Language Trainers with our Accent Game. This game alone created 284 backlinks for Language Trainers.

Welcome to the next level of link building...

The old rules of link building – get keyword-rich links, channel PageRank, improve rankings – are history. Building links that get results is now about building relationships with website owners, editors and webmasters. We are experts in developing these relationships and getting those all-important links.

Take advantage of our extensive multilingual experience to develop links from quality Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish language websites.

With our expert team working for you, you will soon be enjoying spectacular results. How spectacular? Find out.

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