Web Hosting & VoIP

Sometimes it’s the little things...

If you have never registered a .de domain name, or tried to arrange hosting in Spain, you may be surprised by how hard it can be. Especially if you can’t speak the local language.
It was tricky for us too, the first time. But you get used to it after a while.

Foreign domain name registration

We can register domain names around the world, whatever TLD (Top Level Domain... the bit after the last dot) you are looking for.

International hosting

The physical location in which your website is hosted is one of the key indicators that search engines consider when deciding on where to put you in their results. We can find international hosting that meets your needs and then assist you in the hosting process.

Foreign phone numbers via VoIP

We can provide local phone numbers in over 80 countries, which are forwarded automatically to a phone number or a computer where you are. We have years of experience of working with VoIP within the Language Trainers Group which alone has over 60 phone and fax numbers entering a single virtual phone exchange.

Answering service

We can provide native speakers to answer enquiries via email or over the phone in a range of languages.
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