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Our strategic multilingual internet marketing is based on a genuinely multicultural approach. Using local expertise, we get results in even the most competitive industries.

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Through our Digital Brand Outreach service, we create quality links to your website from a wide range of sources. Better links mean better search engine rankings.

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Our team of writers produce quality text in a huge range of languages. Whether you need content for a website or material to support your SEO, we can provide it.

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What People Say About Us...

I have worked with Alexis (the Founder of Fastlane) on several SEO projects, sometimes as a client and sometimes as a consultant, over the past 5 years and his sense of purpose, urgency and excitement is always inspiring. Things just get done around Alexis.

He is a creative thinker and excellent listener; put simply, just an affable sort of person - but his ultimate strength is a focus on practicality, making decisions quickly yet always keeping an eye on what makes sense economically.

Alexis is also a brilliant linguist (speaking half a dozen languages) and understands local cultural nuances when comes to tailoring SEO strategies to different markets.

In short, Alexis is a truly talented online marketer whom I would not hesitate to recommend.