About Fastlane

Fastlane Search is part of the Language Trainers Group of Companies, founded in the United Kingdom in 2004 with the USA office set up in 2006 followed by the Sydney office in 2007. We believe in providing extraordinary value and excellent service for all of our clients.

Meet the team

Alexis Sheldon – Founder & CEO

Alexis is a Cambridge University graduate (BA in Social & Political Sciences) and a qualified English teacher who has taught in various countries. He has an MA in Tourism Management and Marketing from Brighton University.

Alexis has been active in SEO for ten years, firstly as head of online marketing for study abroad agency Cactus Language and then as founder and director of a successful Brighton-based SEO company with major international clients including Expedia, Hotels.com, Carphone Warehouse and eHarmony. As CEO of the Language Trainers Group, Alexis oversees Fastlane Search, Language Trainers and Translation Central.

Mariana Nuñez – Marketing Executive

Mariana graduated in Advertising & Marketing at the University of Lomas de Zamora (Argentina). Previous jobs include work as a Creative Director at CUOMA Design Studio and an Account Executive for large brands including Sanyo, Yahoo and Adidas. She has also worked as an English tutor training adults and children in the Buenos Aires area.

After 12 months as Marketing Executive for the Language Trainers Group, Mariana now focuses on Fastlane client campaigns, reporting, strategies and new SEO technologies and manages an international team of permanent employees and freelance colleagues.