What can SEO with Fastlane bring to your business?

More enquiries and sales

Over 90% of people who purchase on the internet do so after using a search engine. Without skilled SEO work, you may not even appear in searches for your own brand, let alone the range of keywords that can connect you with your potential customers. Our work will boost your visibility for a huge range of keywords.

More website traffic

Prepare to see your visits go through the roof.

New markets

Choose Fastlane for your Multilingual SEO work and prepare to meet the world. We have achieved top results in many languages and can do the same for you.


Appearing above your rivals in search results is a sign of strength. Research has repeatedly shown that searchers are more likely to purchase from sites ranked at the top of searches.


Our services are offered as monthly packages or on a project by project basis. Just pay for the services that you need, with no minimum contract.


Our team have provided SEO services to major brands including the Carphone Warehouse, Expedia and eHarmony. As part of Language Trainers Group, we have provided multilingual services to clients including Coca Cola, Santander, Sotheby´s, General Electric, Unilever, Google and many, many more.

Value for money

SEO is still the most consistently cost-effective form of online marketing... when done right. We do it right. to find out how much you could benefit.

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